The rain in Spain…

23 01 2009

Today I was driving along in my little Ribena Berry (which in heat like today becomes a vehicle of torture) and I found myself in a moment of reprieve. Looking around trying to work out what changed, I noticed a huge lorry next to me providing shade as I drove… and I managed to sit under his wing (albeit dropping down to 40k/hr, not at all my usual mode) all the way down Concord rd. I love overpasses to and have been know to drive under them at 10k/hr… making the most of the shade ☺

I know that I am unusual in my love of moisture in the air. I’m often told me ‘at least its dry’. Seriously, I can’t imagine osmosis is working for me in this heat. I can’t help but think that any minute someone is going to notice I’m baking from the outside in, and poke me to see if any juices are still flowing. All I need is seasoning for a nice crispy skin.

For ages I’ve been under the impression that there is moisture in the air in Spain… maybe its images of the Mediterranean. But I Googled it today and it’s 40C averages in the middle of summer and dry all the way… Makes me tired just thinking about it.




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