Missing Church

29 03 2009

Today I got 3/4 of the way to church and a question sprang into my head – did I leave the gas stove on? It started as a tiny flighty thought but by the time I parked at church it was a full possibility. While I sat at the beginning of church it turned into a reckless likelihood I was ignoring and by the end of the kids spot, it was an inevitability that I’d get home to fire-engines. So I left before church had really got underway – splurged $3 for the toll and raced all the way home again. To find a perfectly safe and cool kitchen with all knobs located appropriately in the off position.

I’ve never been a panicker. I’m a predictor or doom but I rarely act on my imaginings. But today I drove half an hour each way to catch 15minutes of church. I caught the Kids’ Spot on Luke 18:29-30 – about the Rich Young Ruler who went away sad. And now I’m sad for the people I didn’t get to talk to today – to encourage – to share with. I really love church. And I miss not being there (especially when it’s because of a minor hysterical outburst).

So why is that so hard to remember on Sunday morning when I’m dragging myself out of bed to get there? Or Saturday night when I’m putting the alarm on? No idea – but every time I triple check the gas now – I’m going try to remember to praise God for the opportunity to meet with His people week in and week out – for the family He gives us. The kids spot reminded me how much more we have in this time as well as the age to come.