30 04 2009

I love my new church family. They get up incredibly early in the morning though… I staggered out of bed at 6:30 to get to church yesterday morning. They’re the prayerful warriors that meet while the sun is getting up! I checked my clock as I skated in the back – 7:46 (which would have been less awful if I hadn’t forgotten church started at 7:45 and was aiming for 7:30). But no sneaking in, because right at the beginning the pastor had welcomed me and encouraged everyone to come up and say hi – once I arrived… I have to say that I enjoyed my after church cuppa more both times I’ve been there so much! In fact, so much I’m contemplating on upping my plan from monthly to fortnightly. Mind you I say that at 9:12 in the evening when I’m coming into my own, not before the sun has started warming up the day 🙂

When she’s all class…

27 04 2009

On Saturday I went to a wedding. And wore makeup – something I rarely do. So rarely in fact that I don’t own eye-makeup remover, usually making do with Johnson’s baby oil. Which I couldn’t find on Saturday arvo – so I went the other option = sleep it off. Which normally works fine, only I got through two church services and had numerous conversations before I realized I’d raced out of the house so quick I didn’t check the mirror. Gasping at the presumed panda eyes I scraped my nail under my eye and scooped off enough eye liner to use for ink and write a reminder for next time…

Impulsive? Never!

24 04 2009

In Teams@Work, the International Teams Australian newsletter, Janice Collins wrote an article on Touch – the tangible sense that we are not alone. And one of the paragraphs really struck me. I love the Garage Hymnal tune to the hymn, “Take My Life and Let It Be” by Frances Havergal in 1874. The hymn includes the line “Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love”. Janice reflects: “Impulsiveness can be seen as a negative trait, but imagine if all our actions were at the impulse of God’s love. Our selfish actions with undesirable consequences would disappear and be replaced by tangible evidence of God at work through us.”

My new friend, Cordell

23 04 2009

When I chatted with the psychologist who completed my psych assessment, she suggested that a better (actually – probably any) pattern of regular exercise would be helpful for dealing with tough times on the field. My Dad can’t understand why I don’t share his passion for spending long periods of time jogging – on my own – with nothing but my own thoughts to keep me company… I don’t think he’s fully grasped how completely opposite we are). I tried running with the fake IPod, listening to music and sermons. But it’s hard to listen when you’re distracted and even harder to get out of the house when there is so little incentive. But I think I got it sussed. The other week, I bought myself a secondhand elliptical trainer which I named Cordell because he’s a walker (after the Texas Ranger for all of you who are thoroughly confused by that). And I borrowed the first season of Gilmour Girls off a friend which comes in handy 40minute portions… so I’m on my 4th day in a row of exercise! And each day I wake up looking forward to the next installment. So I know I’m probably building any pattern that will survive the move away from the DVD player. But one step at a time (or episode as the case may be 🙂

Sharing On Spain

22 04 2009

Sharing on Spain was great. My ability to master the church AV – not so great. God’s provision of someone able to hook my laptop straight up to the projector and bypass the problem – awesome! Unexpected activity on behalf of the Stamp collecting society – a great answer to the prayer that God would pick up the slack when I forgot to arrange a key… Having people from all different areas of my world say it’s worth taking a few hours to come hear, share and consider what God’s doing – and particularly seeing my Dad so welcomed and cared for by those who care for me – totally amazing.

Creating order

18 04 2009

I am the master of an Access Database! I’ve been trying really hard to keep on top of this database business, creating myself an Excel spreadsheet – dutifully updating it, and now… I’m almost overwhelmed by the sense of order that is emanating from my screen! Mind you, the only part of using the program I feel comfortable with is making the form look pretty… But there’s time to learn. I’m sure of it – and I’ll locate the time once I can remember which folder I saved my schedule in…

Amazing Generousity

15 04 2009

You know what totally blew me away this week – how much generous people just get more and more generous and prayerful people are able to do more and more praying! Totally undermines the lament that I’d do more if I had more time, or more resources. The way to get more time and more resources, on the surface of it seems to be to use what you have? Now before you stone the retribution theologist…

This week I got an email from the head of a mission agency. This guy has the care and responsibility of scores of missionaries. And I met him in my long and meandering decision making process over who to serve with overseas. He emailed to say that he’d heard I was going with ECM. You’d think the next bit would be – glad you’re done, we’ll close your file – see you in heaven… but instead he extended an offer to pray, and interest in being updated. That blows me away; that someone who clearly has a fair few missios to pray for is so excited about what God’s doing that his prayerfulness is generating more enthusiasm, more conviction in prayer and more generousity. Another rep in a similar position is always incredible supportive and emails and mails me encouragement regularly. Because when you get up close to our God in action – you don’t get burnt, you catch the fire.