Amazing Generousity

15 04 2009

You know what totally blew me away this week – how much generous people just get more and more generous and prayerful people are able to do more and more praying! Totally undermines the lament that I’d do more if I had more time, or more resources. The way to get more time and more resources, on the surface of it seems to be to use what you have? Now before you stone the retribution theologist…

This week I got an email from the head of a mission agency. This guy has the care and responsibility of scores of missionaries. And I met him in my long and meandering decision making process over who to serve with overseas. He emailed to say that he’d heard I was going with ECM. You’d think the next bit would be – glad you’re done, we’ll close your file – see you in heaven… but instead he extended an offer to pray, and interest in being updated. That blows me away; that someone who clearly has a fair few missios to pray for is so excited about what God’s doing that his prayerfulness is generating more enthusiasm, more conviction in prayer and more generousity. Another rep in a similar position is always incredible supportive and emails and mails me encouragement regularly. Because when you get up close to our God in action – you don’t get burnt, you catch the fire.



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