30 04 2009

I love my new church family. They get up incredibly early in the morning though… I staggered out of bed at 6:30 to get to church yesterday morning. They’re the prayerful warriors that meet while the sun is getting up! I checked my clock as I skated in the back – 7:46 (which would have been less awful if I hadn’t forgotten church started at 7:45 and was aiming for 7:30). But no sneaking in, because right at the beginning the pastor had welcomed me and encouraged everyone to come up and say hi – once I arrived… I have to say that I enjoyed my after church cuppa more both times I’ve been there so much! In fact, so much I’m contemplating on upping my plan from monthly to fortnightly. Mind you I say that at 9:12 in the evening when I’m coming into my own, not before the sun has started warming up the day 🙂




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