14 08 2009
I spent the last week visiting my brother and sister in law in Cairns – and my two little nephews. Jacob is 2 in October and Elijah is only a few weeks old. It’s funny to think they’ll be preschool and almost kindi-aged next time I see them in OZ! I went up with Dad and we spent a day together on the Reef, checking out the coral, snorkeling and got overtaken by a humpback whale surfacing within 20 metres of the pontoon as it navigated its way through the coral gardens. Going to the Reef was a big thing on my list before I left because when I lived in the UK, every time I explained I was from Sydney, people would assume I could surf. And I had to explain that while they filmed Home and Away down the street – that lifestyle is miles away, and a big Saturday night for us in North Ryde was hanging at the local baseball fields, or Macquarie Shopping Centre – in the car park! So this time I worked out all the things they’ll assume I’ve done and I’m trying to tick them off the list. Uluru, the Reef… if you have any more ideas – let me know 🙂
My sister-in-law asked me if I felt like it was real that I’m leaving. I guess it might seem like its a bit surreal, but I’ve been eating and breathing preparations for leaving for months. It seems a lot more real that most of the other things going on around me. Mind you – ask me that again when I’ve 2 weeks to go and dissociation has set in…



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