Visa and Support are in!

17 08 2009
I have a visa!!! Or at least an approved Visa. That means I can definitely get into the country – as long as I can provide an itinerary.
Which is awesome, except that means I now have another hurdle in front of me which seems bigger than filling in Spanish forms – working out  leaving date and booking tickets. Because to do that I need work out whether to go via the UK to do an intensive language course, which I decide by contacting someone who is awake and at home (there) between 4-6am (here). No luck so far by phone or email.
I figured before I go into the ECM office to tell them about the visa, I’d better get my head around my support levels just so I have all the useful info. After 3 attempts and three different results, I reckon we have a winner at 97.5% (I didn’t even get that result – that’s what they got at the office when I finally abdicated accounting responsibility all together 🙂
So it turns out God has provided the full support at the same moment as the visa – which is awesome, not watching one drag behind that other. And it turns out that if you don’t count couples as individuals (or a whole home group as 1) I actually have my 100 prayers too. So praise God – because apart from being incapacitated while deciding what to pack – there doesn’t seem to be anything standing in my way to leave for Spain 🙂



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