26 08 2009

The funny thing about Journeys is that you think of the people you meet along your Journey – and then you’re the ‘people’ along theirs…

Every now and then I get to to be a person who speaks to others on their journeys. I remember those people for me – people interviewed at uni conferences, or that I spoke to at ReachOut, people I asked advice or people who seemed to be living the ‘dream’ of mission. And over the last few months I’ve had so many chances to stand in that space, and speak about those things – at MYCs AnCon, ReachOut, countless visits and casual conversations. And I pray that some of those times it triggers something in the journey God it taking them. Because I know they meant so much to me – meant things and shaped directions in ways I’m only now beginning to realise.

But even when I’m standing as the ‘sharer’ – there’s always so many more people speaking back to me. I had one of those nights tonight at the International Teams ‘Journeys’ night. There in the room: people I’ve met at so many different places and times, who spoken wisdom, and lived out lives that have challenged me on. And meeting againg those whose paths have intersected with mine at the most random places! God’s having a laugh crisscrossing our Journeys, interweaving our lives and making a rich tapestry of the way we can share and encourage each other.



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