Finishing up work

8 10 2009

The last week of coaching I wasn’t working in my own 2 schools as an assistant, I covered Rumen in the school he works himself. I had 60 kindis for their first ever gym class and 2 cried because I wouldn’t let them take over the class. I also had 4 autistic kids and ran 5 x 40minute classes of year 3s with only 1 helper at a time. On the other hand, I finally got to meet the infamous Jordan (he’s the other me, so while we cover each other’s shifts, we’ve never crossed paths until now. I always hear about him – especially when the kids want to do something I wont let them ‘Ohhhh, but Jordan lets us?!’ Well Jordan is an ex-British Juniors champion who dances so has some semblance of game fitness, knows what he’s doing and could catch you if you fall on your head. I on the other hand…) Both days were really hot so in between schools I stopped by Chinamen’s beach.

I’m looking forward to the not aching every week and feeling like an overstretched old rubber band, but I’ve loved my job – and I’ll miss the kids. I really liked them. And as I finish I can see just how perfect this job was that God provided for me.




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