Before I left

14 10 2009

You just can’t trust computers. I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a computer before I leave the country or leave it til I arrive. Despite the fact that the computer I have has been running on minimal space for months even with the extra RAM we gave it (and the fan died a few weeks ago so I actually have my old hard drive in different laptop), I thought it would limp across the line ‘til well into language learning. And being very conscientious (having lost everything once before already) I made a backup on Monday, the day before I flew out. Unfortunately – the backup caused the crash and all of a sudden I had nothing. No files – just he deadly blue screen – counting to itself for over 10 hours. Fortunately my Dad worked on it all Tuesday morning and I was able to recover pretty much all the documents before my mid arvo flight. Using yet another computer, none of my old passwords and programs were set up. Having redownloaded all the programs I use, now I need to sort out the passwords – like I remember them?!




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