On my Way

14 10 2009

I’ve been in the UK for 6hours leaving me 8 more hours before I can sleep… It seems like yesterday was neverending. After a steady stream or great fun and goodbyes over monday and into tuesday with a tiny short interuption of sleep. I thought I was all over it with everything seperated into piles and a little list of the last things I had to do – until my computer crashed London and couldn’t prove I’d be leaving). Late monday arvo and by tuesday morning it was clear that the hard drive was corrupted. We managed to get the plane ticket and insurance printed off (but not the later ticket which proved a little interesting when I got to customs and couldn’t indicate where I was staying or confirm my leaving) and I guess it means that shopping for a new laptop will come a little sooner than I’d intially planned.

One of the bigger surprises was from a friend who brought over a whole load of Euros and pounds which had genrously been donated. Every checkpoint they came up to be queried which reminded me each time of the delight of God’s provision.

When I went through the gate I thought the challenge would be getting all my luggage onto the plane without everyone realising how many kilos I was carrying. But I got confused at the baggage check losing my belt buckle and taking 10minutes to find it…

When I got on the flight I shared the three seats with a fantastically chatty girl who turned out to be the cousin of one of my brothers best mates. Then the second flight I got three seats to myself – so comfortable – finishing my plane book and watching movies.

At each step of the way I was thankful for little things that made the trip so much better. Even in the details God is lavishly generous.




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