The Family

20 10 2009

The day I arrived in Spain there were 9 people in the flat. Only a couple live there, but the rest of the family are always popping in and out so it feels like you’re in the middle of something much beggar. The couple, Nicolas and Marina, is absolutely lovely. are good value and live in an apartment maybe 100mts from BJ and Rach. And in between is the kind of $2 store just like home where you can get anything you want. They have three married daughters, 2 with families, and there have been extras here the whole time I’ve been here. The eldest is only here for a week from Madrid and one of their grandchildren is unwell in hospital so his brother is staying here. So I’m not sure if they’ll be here all the time. When their at home, everyone changes into home clothes – so I’m now very comfy in my trackies. I need to invest in some slippers because I’ve been wearing my havaianas and they’re not the most comfortable for all day. And they eat… lots! Breakfast at 9-10ish is these cupcake things and chocolate biscuits. Lunch has been a full meal too at 3 and by the time I get to 3 I’m ravenous so I’m not doing a great job of not eating too much. Then dinner is around 9ish so same deal. Bread and jamon with every meal, sometimes with cheese or grilled capsicums. Yoghurt and fruit for dessert…

I came without an umbrella, a keyring and without my Spanish dictionary?! They’ve given me a keyring, lent me an umbrella without me saying – and while I’ve borrowed a dictionary for now, I was always going to have to invest is one of the tomes anyway.

I also managed to get a universal plug at the $2 shop (known here as Chinos because the same people run them all over the world). That worked out much cheaper than the €18 the phone shop was going to charge me for a new cable!



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