BJ & Rach

21 10 2009

There is another couple here – BJ and Rachel. Rach grew up here as a missionary kid and speaks Spanish. BJ is learning at the same school. So on Tuesday BJ and I took on the bus route. I have a travel 10 (no idea what it’s called here but I reckon I can buy another one when I need it) and I know which buses go to the language school. The system here is actually fantastic – between the trains from city to city, the coaches between towns and buses around and through them, you can get just about everywhere on public transport quite easily. It helps everywhere is pretty compact 🙂 

We went to the language school and I signed up for classes starting Nov 3. All the teachers speak English and several other languages but you’d never know it because once you’re a student they wont speak anything but Spanish. So I grabbed my chance to have a really long conversation with Michelle, initially from the Dominican republic but raised and schooled in the States all about her life, her move and her little girl – before I was officially a student. Because I’ll never be able to chat that freely again!

I was also going to catch two buses across town to make my appointment with the Foreigners Office but I was fast losing momentum when Rach and BJ saved me again offering a lift in their car across town. As it turned out – a huge blessing because I would have got stuck in a torrential downpour and as it was we got saturated running from the car to the office!



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