Marcos está Enferma

21 10 2009

When I got here, all the family was around and I met the littlest grandchildren, Jonaton (3) and Marcos (15months). Marcos was unwell and the next day they actually had in hospital with pneumonia. I think for that reason, or for completely different reasons – who would know?!) His older brother Jonaton has been living here all week. It’s been really interesting watch people with the children – there’s lots of squeezing of cheeks and telling them their gorgeous but it’s quite different from home. And Jonaton has decided I can play cards with him. It took me a while to learn the game only he doesn’t choose to play it by the rules, more a case of he likes to deal out the cards and count only the only number he seems to know is 14 so I get card after card ‘catorce’. Then when he gives additional instructions I have no idea what he’s saying. Even when I’m sure I must know what word he’s using, between the clipped Córdoba accent and 3yo speak I can barely recognize it. Normally Jonaton would be at school already. He’s only been three for a month but they got to school from 9 – 3, 5 days a week. It’s going to be a lot quieter here and I think the vocab I’m learning will change dramatically



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