Tea, tea and more tea

22 10 2009

For all of you who were terrified for me that I’d be unable to quench my need for tea in this coffee based culture… I will survive!

They have tea! I even found a little ‘tea-aria’ in town, where the daughter of one of the pastors works where they sell every type of tea. I had the taster, the almond rooibos, the other day and they have pretty much all that T2 has. I think I’ll be a regular there, and its dangerously close to the language school.

Tha family here do tea too, only the system is to heat the water in a microwave which is a bit new and different for me… A few times I’ve asked for regular tea and ended up with green tea. There doesn’t seem to be much of a distinction. So I’m developing a taste for that too.




One response

28 10 2009

isnt “regular tea” red tea?

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