ECM Retreat

27 10 2009

The ECM Spain retreat went from Thursday to Sunday – a few hours away in this amazing little conference centre. All the rooms came off a cobbled atrium they’d built a roof for. And the people were awesome… really welcoming and friendly. So many of the missios are either from English speaking countries or speak English. While they do everything in Spanish, most of the time people volunteered to translate so we (me and the other non-Spanish speaker) would get all that was happening. I got to meet all the other ECM missionaries from the area, and most from Castellon. As well as having an awesome time of fellowship, learning and singing in Spanish. I didn’t notice how tiring it was. But it isn’t the Spanish that I find so exhausting at the moment – its getting to know everyone new at the same time. Having no one safe I can side up to if I need to just hang with someone I know. Because it’ll be a while before I really know anyone here. And I hate that feeling of hoisting yourself on people so it’s hard to decide to go join a conversation. And at times I did a really good impersonation of an introvert looking for time out. Having said that, ECM Spain feels like and incredibly loving prayerful family. At various points over the weekend you’d find the women getting massages, and drinking tea – my kind of life! I’m really looking forward to getting to know them all better and working alongside them!



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28 10 2009

RE: introvert looking out

know how you feel :c)

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