Shopping – it’s all the same!

31 10 2009

I went to the local supermarket yesterday, like Kmart with a groceries attached. I thought I’d go check out all these different ‘Spanish’ things but when I got there I could have been at Macquarie! Check these out! 

I went through my wish list for example and found not just roughly the same things (that’d be most of the list…) but exactly the same brands and even the same versions of the products for all of these:

  •       Vanish Stain Removal
  •       Coco pops
  •       Kit Kats
  •       Lindt Chocolate
  •       Rexona Deodorant
  •       Garnier Fructis Shampoo & Conditioner
  •       Air Wick Air Fresheners
  •       Nutella
  •       Original Jatz
  •       Tea – Liptons or Twinning’s?
  •       Forerro Rochers
  • (And on the way out I passed signs for Toys’R’Us and Fitness First!)

In fact it was a little disappointing. I came all this way and its more of the same!

 It was great reading all the Spanish names for stuff and I made a huge long list… now I have stickers on all the items in my room and I look like Pippy Longstockings dancing around my room naming everything.



3 responses

31 10 2009
Wendy Biddle

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting the ingredients for apple crumble then…

1 11 2009
Chris D

Ahh, all the comforts of home plus sangria. That’s the life.

3 11 2009
James Davidson

Hi Chloe, thanks for all the news. Hope language lesson goes well today, while we enjoy Melbourne Cup Day!

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