Hair cut

4 11 2009

Today I went and got my hair cut. I thought carefully about the words I would use to tell them that I like the length but the health was more important – I’d like to keep as much length as is healthy. What I didn’t have was words to explain I don’t normally get a part or layers… so I’ve got a new me to go with my new language – 15cms less and an early days Rachel from ‘Friends’ haircut 🙂 November 022This is it a little after to bounce has been flattened out…



6 responses

4 11 2009

have to say it does look different, did you also do a treatment of some sort? it’s a lot less bushy and curly!!!

i like it how you carefully choose your words =)

6 11 2009

Looks great!!! you should keep it like that! frames your face well!!

7 11 2009

The haircut looks good Chloe!!! Praying that your first week of learning Spanish has been productive and that the others will be the same!

8 11 2009

Good news is that it looks lovely! Money well spent!

8 11 2009

Hola Chika! Looks lovely – are you managing it okay? xooxoxo

12 11 2009

Hot Chick!! Totally Rocks

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