Giving thanks for thanksgiving

22 11 2009

On Sunday, Tiffany, the American from church, held a Thanksgiving lunch which she cooked for everyone – there were 27 people there!  The food was all your classic Thanksgiving stuff including pumpkin pie, corn bread and turkey seasoning. We’d been to the shop on the Thursday beforehand and it was hilarious trying to find stuff that would do for makeshift baking. For example, in the States they never eat actual pumpkin. They just use it for decoration. They’d never think of roasting it. And even for the pies, they used a sweetened canned version. So it was Tiff’s first time with a pumpkin! Then, finding a Turkey was impossible. They are only just starting to stock them for Christmas. What we did find was two legs and a chest shaped lump of sandwich turkey – you know the stuff that is really compressed mince? But it all came off brilliantly.

Spaniards aren’t big on trying new foods (and why would you need to given their food is so good!) Each of them took the tiniest taste of everything, which was great because it left stacks for the Aussies… I hope they’re not expecting much for Australia Day – because they’re getting Vegemite on toast!




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