26 11 2009

I’ve had my first visitors here in Córboba. First, Noemi came to town. She’s a short termer with ECM living in the town about an hour away. She was a missio kid who grew up in Niger with a French Swiss Mum and an English Dad. She’s living with another short termer in Peñarroya, only an hour away and they have a spare room – making it a great place for a retreat when I need it… She’s also a pretty good photographer, so when she came to town she started taking photos of stuff I’ve just walked past. Giving me the excuse to pull out my camera too. It’s great to have someone to do normal stuff with like cook a good meal and watch a movie (OK she cooked… hence it was edible). Then Andrew Mallam came from North Rocks @ Night, one of the churches who sent me. He came along to church, to the Thanksgiving Dinner and for lunch on Monday with Marina and Nicolas before Heading off to Barcelona by train. Each time someone comes I see a little bit more of my city. It’s nice to have a reason to be tourist for a day or two, and someone else who is pulling out their camera too so I don’t feel so silly…




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