Hanging with the Jovenes

3 12 2009

This week I’ve done two birthday parties with two different Young Adults group – ‘Jovenes’. The first was for a young girl from the church I’ve been attending in the mornings, Bethesda. They’re the ones who run the youth Arts centre where I go for Hip Hop classes (alright, stop laughing!) The party was a surprise – as is the party for everyone in the ‘Jovenes’. I guess the surprise is where they surprise you. For this one, the surprise was in the park. Which would have been fun but it was 7 degrees that morning on my way to class at 9 so I have no idea what it was by 10:45pm that night. But I know I couldn’t feel like legs while we were waiting for her to come! While we were waiting, the guys were hysterical – mucking around on the play equipment swinging each other upside down on this huge steering wheel (not at all built for the purpose). The party itself was in the Youth Centre across the road. And it was LOUD. They had new speakers which they were testing out, as well as a drum kit which someone used to play along to the music for the first hour or so. It’s hysterical listening to them all sing along to Black Eyed Peas, and know every word, even if they don’t understand it. It was at least 11 when we started eating. The food was all chips and brownies and tortillas. They played chairs and I was warned before hand that unless I was willing to risk a limb, I might want to sit it out. By 2am I was sooo fading and struggling not to fall asleep in my chair. We managed to scam a lift off some early leavers so I was in bed by 3 – apparently a lot earlier than the rest of them 🙂 

The second was much more sedate. It was for the Jovenes leader at the Baptist church. A lot more of the people are over 25 and with a few couples and their young children. (I love that these guys are young people and come to the meeting with their kids, both of the parents. At least in this church, kids and marriage aren’t the markers of when you move on.) We had toasted sandwiches and with the sound quite low, I was able to have a (somewhat stilted) conversation with a few people. Guys everywhere are the same, I reckon – the flat we were at had a fair bit of gym equipment and it wasn’t long before the guys were all testing it out while the girls chatted. But the great equalizer is the Wii – even Jonaton had a go!

What I loved about both was that we prayed for the birthday girls. Everyone belonged to each other and everyone was having fun. And I could be part of either of these groups and have a home. So now I’m praying – which one?!




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