Women’s Meeting

14 12 2009

I went to a women’s meeting for Christmas this Saturday. It was great to meet some women from churches outside of the city, from regional Córdoba and hear a bit about their churches, and also to catch up with a few of the ladies from Peñarroya. And of course – to share food 🙂 The cakes were delicious and there were quite a few women with us in the bar where we met. And when everyone ordered drinks I got a tea. (I’ve finally decided to move past my snobbery and I’ve learnt to order a tea in a coffee shop. In OZ I wouldn’t dream of paying for hot water and barely a scratch of milk with my tea bag – but after a few false starts with hot chocolate here, I’m a tea orderer. Or at least I thought I was until my tea came!) I asked for tea, black, with cold milk. The thought process was, I’m trying to avoid getting red tea (Rooibos) and I don’t want warmed milk. What I got, was a dash of hot water in a cup of cold milk with the bag floating on the top, all the flavour all but sealed in. It was hysterical! But I’m always very well looked after and within seconds someone had gone to get a proper tea.

 – Language Update

I’m still struggling with being on the front foot all the time, being the first to go say hello, but I did. My plan was to walk about and start a conversation with three women, which I managed fine – until I got past hello 🙂 Once you start chatting, they’re so lovely; it’s just starting that’s so hard. And it was great to have Spanish speakers around me I could introduce so they could carry the conversation. While I’m getting to the point where I can follow conversations (about simple things) but I find it hard to carry a conversation so I need someone there to provide that.

 – Thoughts from Kate’s Sharing

One of the things (I think) Kate mentioned was how narrow we think in terms of unfaithful. When a wife speaks poorly of her husband, when she complains about him to colleagues or in front of their children, then she’s being unfaithful. There are so many little ways that I’m unfaithful to my family, to my colleagues and to friendships. Unfaithfulness begins in little ways and becomes a habit forming dismissiveness of the responsibilities of relationship – to be faithful, to be loyal. That’ll be one of my things to mull over this December…



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