Christmas at the language school

18 12 2009

We finished the year in the language school with breakfast together. Actually it was really well done! They ordered tostadas from the café around the corner, each of us with a different topping. What came was a whole basket of toasted half rolls, the bacon all sliced and in a jar, and the fresh tomatoes crushed up and in a ketchup bottle – for easy application… Then I had ordered a tea – I don’t know why, because I should have learnt the time before… when I said tea with cold milk, I was distinguishing from tea to which hot milk is added. What I got was a tea – made on milk with a splash of hot water added. Then they pulled out the wine – or Raison wine, to be precise. It’s quite sweet – as close as you can get to a breakfast wine I guess 🙂 It was a great way to end the year – here’s hoping I’ll remember something of what I’ve learnt after the holidays!



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