Buena Noche, Christmas Day and Boxing Day…

30 12 2009

I spent the Christmas week with the Knowlsons which was really great – relaxing, chillin’ by their fire and drinking cups of tea. The Knowlsons have been here for over 20 years. Peter was here as a young man, then Kate married him and came out here and now they have 4 boys from 19 down to 11. The boys are hysterical with really proper English (which I find highly contagious!) but they’re all incredibly lovely guys and loads of fun. 

The tradition in Spain is to have the family meal on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day – that’s the bigger deal. But first, all the younger people (in Córdoba at least) go out for the day. The bars, pubs and clubs open at 10am as if it were 10pm. So everyone goes out and parties hard during the day then drags themselves home for a slightly sizzled dinner with all the family.  We had a huge ‘Spanish’ Christmas Eve with the family and some friends from the church. But unlike everyone else – we turned around and did Christmas all over again the neck day!

Spending Christmas with 4 teenage boys meant watching them open loads of presents. Christmas day, the younger two boys woke up at 8:30 (after a fair bit of arguing and negotiation the night before with the older boys – they’d wanted 7:30 and the older 2 wanted 9…) and by 8:45 the family were downstairs doing their stockings in their parents’ bedroom. Then we did a huge traditional English Christmas lunch after stacks of presents for the boys. They’d also wrapped a few things up for me so I’d have them. For example, an Aussie visitor had flown over and brought my box of earrings so they wrapped that up as a Christmas pressie. Then I had taken some presents that arrived in the mail before I left so I had quite a motherload!

I managed to catch my family on Skype and a few friends over the phone which was really nice. My brother and his wife got really ill with food poisoning the night before Christmas and they had to call a doctor out to give her and injection to stop her throwing up. So it turns out the family Christmas at home wasn’t quite ideal either 🙂

Since normally for me Boxing Day is usually a day of leftovers and relaxing – when a friend asked if I wanted to go out I was a little thrown! But in the end we just did lunch on the 27th. Then on the 29th we had a huge party for the 30 odd who make up the missionaries and their families, hours of fun and lots of Spanish speaking…

Over the next few days, each night we watched the collection of new DVDs the boys scored over Christmas – Harry Potter, Transformers 2, and the first disc of the Friends full seasons DVD collection… I had a room upstairs which has a double bed and everyday I woke up feeling like a princess. I’m so getting one when I move at the end of the year in Cordoba.



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