Noche Vieja and New Years Day

4 01 2010

I was going to come home around the 29th but it was so nice I caught the bus back on the 31st. The downside of that was that I got off the bus at home only a few hours before I needed to go out to the New Years eve party. So I went from a little English world straight into three days straight of large groups speaking Spanish…

On New Years Eve we had a dinner at church with menú (served to the table). We had a dinner at a long table that stretch through the church and seated close to 70 people. We started dinner at 9ish, then around 11:30, with everything cleared away, we made a circle and the pastor led everyone in praying and singing which took us into the new year. Traditionally people eat 12 grapes, one on each of the twelve strikes of the clock at midnight. I was looking forward to it, but it’s for good luck so the church doesn’t choose to do it during their celebrations. I can understand the thinking but I was up for a game of chubby bunnies’. In the Plaza Tendillas here in Córdoba and many times on the television, they actually slow the clock down so people don’t choke 😛 But with my head down, I didn’t even know when the New Year began! Then while we were praying a whole bunch of people had come (people who’d eaten at home and come to pray in the new year) and then we waited until 1:15/1:30 for the people who were doing the dinner and countdown/grapes at home to arrive. Then the Young Adults group put on a review with different skits which were really clever and very well done. By that stage though I was really struggling to stay awake and had to go sit up the back so I didn’t fall asleep in the front row. Then they pulled out more dessert and hot chocolate (which here is more like chocolate syrup with a dash of milk!) By 3:30 I was praying someone would take me home and scanning for all the people who live near me to see when they were leaving. But Marina and Nicolas decided to leave close to 4 so I was in bed by just after.

Then the following day, all the family and some friends came around for lunch. Who does a big lunch on New Years Day??? All together there was 19 of us. Lunch started at 2 and everyone stayed well into the evening. When the last were leaving around 9, another family arrived! So much Spanish in large groups with everyone talking at the same time – my head was fried!



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