La Cabalgata

7 01 2010

Each year, the night before Reyes (the 6th is the day the Wise Men/Kings come) there is a parade or procession through the town of floats full of kids dressed in theme, throwing lollies to the crowds. And I mean throwing! I nearly lost an eye and quite often the whole row would have to duck with hands over heads as kids barely a metre away put all they had into pegging these boiled lollies at the crowd. The trick is that people take umbrellas and turned upside down they collect the lollies as they fall (mind you, when it started to sprinkle people forgot their loot and turned their umbrellas right side up). Otherwise you’re reduced to doing what we did and scrambling on the ground to pick up the ones you can see fall. Pretty soon the whole street it littered with boiled lollies and the wheels of the cars in the parade were sealed with sugar and wrappers. Even walking home afterwards you can feel your shoes peeling back off the bitumen with every step.

Each float has a different theme within the whole – which this year was Disney. We saw dancing Smurfs, and I danced a jig with a wood-elf. Drumming Pharaohs, Princesses in castles and giant ants passed by with the parade culminating in the grand finale where rather than lollies, the last float were giving small soft toys of Disney characters – SpongeBob, Looney Toons… only a hoard of teenagers were running alongside the float plucking them out of the air carrying bags of fallen prizes. I wonder what you do with 30 Tassie Devils?!



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24 01 2010

Now that is cool!!! looks like fun!

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