8 01 2010

The Spanish focus of Christmas is Reyes, on the 6th, when the Wise men bring presents. The kids leave their shoes out (rather than stockings). The grand kids all stayed over at out piso, and before they went to bed the night before, they left out milk and chocolates with the name one of the 3s King on each. When they woke up, some of the milk was gone as well as a few of the chocolates; and the shoes were full of presents. We had a huge family meal. And the kids opened their presents one by one.

The tradition in the morning is to eat a Roscón for breakfast. Roscones are large circular cakes like huge donuts filled with cream and topped with glazed sugared fruit. Inside, there is a figurine (often of a king) – and a haba (bean). Whoever finds the figure is crowned and becomes the king (or queen) of the banquet, and whoever finds the bean has to pay next year’s roscón. It’s an awfully rich way to start a day filled with eating!

 So in effect the Spanish have had 2 Christmases! While it’s really tiring to spend so much time trying to do large groups in Spanish, I love the lifestyle of fiestas and family. And of course the food! The holiday period has been a blast 🙂



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