13 01 2010

I hit the sales the first day they opened. I fell for H&M – loads of cheap good stuff I’ve been hanging for, skirts for church, extra layers for the cold, and a pair of sippers to keep my feet warm. The only thing I couldn’t find (that I really need in all this rain) was boots wide enough… I’m suffering through being huge. Apart from withdrawal symptoms from lack of second hand shopping and the fact that I routinely think – Oh I’ll buy that when I get back to Australia (which is nonsense since its three years away!) The problem is that Spanish chicks don’t have calves. So the boots don’t fit.

And I worked out today why Europeans where boots, it’s because when it rains you absolutely can’t keep your jeans dry unless they’re tucked into the boots. Right now my jeans are soaked and my shoes are sopping wet – silly suede things from Rivers! At home, the standard shoe size is a 7 so I normally do fine. You wouldn’t look at me and think “massive chick, huge feet”. Here that’s a 39 and the standard foot is a 34 or 35. So I’m like Ian Thorpe without the swimming ability (or the tragic hair). And I’m a size large in every store. It’s hysterical really.




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