Rubik’s Cube

12 02 2010

Ben is a Rubik’s cube genius and watching him do it with his pinkies going a hundred miles an hour made me come back keen to teach myself how to do it. I’m pretty good now too! I still need to check my instructions to finish it but hopefully in a few months (since I’m trying not to do it to often, such a time waster!) I’ll be a legend at it.

I had a little Rubik’s cube I was carrying around with me to practice. It was a great way in, especially with the younger kids at church because when they had a go, and asked for help, it started conversations which I can pick up and continue now. Unfortunately, it wasn’t particularly well made and the corner fell of J But since then I’ve been gifted a new one which not only has coloured sides, it also has a picture so all the sides need to be the right way up. It’s doing my head in!




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