16 02 2010

Spanish people often tell me that they think Spaniards aren’t like the rest of Europe in that they don’t do a good job of learning languages. But so far I’ve come across people who have taught themselves stacks of English from songs and movies, others who know immense amounts from school let alone those people who’ve worked in bilingual environments. One of the women at the brunch has the softest touch of Spanish in her American accent and almost native grammar, and only lived in the States for 2 years, over a decade ago. Bilingual secretaries – I never even thought of that! In Spain they have 4 languages (not that people speak all of them) – then you add English which pretty much everyone learns a degree of in schools. When they say they aren’t good at languages it’s pretty relative :). There is no way to explain how lazy Aussies (in general) are with language. Seriously, if we aren’t born into it – it doesn’t matter. And we’ve got so many languages on our streets it’s incredible. But I guess the difference is there is no other majority.



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