A little spice is Nice

20 02 2010

I mentioned before that Spaniards don’t seem too keen on the whole to try new foods. They also don’t like their food to have much spice to it. When I was first served little chilies pickled in a jar to go in the soup – they warned me repeatedly to be careful because they’re ‘picante’. Initially I was really cautious, mixing a tiny bit in, but you can barely taste the flavour that way. So I waited til the end of the soup when it wasn’t so diluted – but really, the whole chili could be eaten like a carrot.

I’d love to cook a meal for Marina and Nicolas. Apart from not being able to get my hands on stuff, what would I cook? Everything I can cook that they don’t already do better includes sweet chili sauce or hot chili paste. And given they can’t tell the difference between Mexican Hot, Indian Hot and Korean Hot, for never having tried any of them, I’m not sure any of my cooking would go down too well.



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