The Hunt for Fish Sauce

24 02 2010

Since I arrived I’ve had a craving for good Chinese. There are lots of people from a Chinese background here in Córdoba so I assumed somewhere there must be a really good authentic Chinese Restaurant. But if you ask the Chinese students studying here they say there is nowhere they’d go out to eat. 

I tried one of the ‘recommended’ Spanish restaurants the other day to celebrate completing my 2nd book. The menu was a little limited but had enough to get excited… until the food came. It was Spanish food with a slight Chinese appearance, but no new flavours, no spice – no nothing.

I’m keen to cook some at home then. I looked around everywhere for some Hoisin Sauce, Fish Sauce and some Sweet Soy. I recently found a little Chinese grocers which sells rice noodles and flat egg noodles. But the best was my Christmas present which Noemi brought back from ‘Chinatown’ in the UK – a Fish Sauce and Kecap Manis. ¡A Cocinar!



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