Playing Games

12 03 2010

Often after youth group we play games and charades is surprisingly hard! I played in a group with Tiff once and when she went to have a go, she didn’t understand the titles they were telling her, or hadn’t seen the film. When asked to do a John Grisham film she couldn’t work out why she’d never heard of ‘The Farm’. I had no idea what famous song was referred to as ‘the Word’ – the Spanish pronounciation of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’

When you start playing you realize it’s a lot harder than you’d first think. Not only do you get stuck with ‘sounds like’, often you’re describing a title that picks up a different part of the film so you can’t act it out the same way.

I had the same trouble with drawing for people to guess. The way you depict simple things like a phone or a garbage can is different in a different culture. Even a wrong way symbol changes.

Then add to that when people guess stuff, you don’t know what ball park they’re in or where they are going wrong interpreting your cues. Lastly, people get so excited by guessing the answer they start yelling and shrieking. And trying to translate squealing is totally impossible.

The other game we often play has stacks of questioins about Spain, a buzzer and when you lose – you get pied in the face. I tried to play seriously, but that failed miserably so I resorted to major guessing. Every second question seemed to be about numbers so I randomly picked a number each time. It was only when everyone freaked out after I picked 500 that I realised I was actually choosing how many points I was wagering on the next question. By some freak accident I got the next question right when everyone else bombed – and won the game. Just call me the Expert!




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