Cloud cover Aussie wanderers

1 04 2010

Ray planned to come and visit me after conference but thanks to the Volcanic cloud – I had the pleasure of Cathy as well. And since my planned visitor got stuck in the UK it all worked out smoothly –  a tense and frustrating time for Cathy since the plan had been to spend those days with her daughter Elyse in the Ukraine and it wasn’t clear they’d even get there – but in the end a day of two late they made it together.

French stories: Leaving conference Saturday at 9am, with no trains running to France, it was impossible to cross the border by train. After a local train to the Spanish border town, transported across the border by a local pastor, intending to catch the local train to Paris the next day. With trains cancelled and totally booked a friend from their church collected them, arriving home 11am Monday morning.

English: 51 people on two hired coaches from Gandia to Calais, foot passenger tickets on a Calais-Dover ferry, and a second coach from Dover to Northampton.

Austrians: A 60 hour journey involving  two trains to Barcelona, a ferry to Livorno in Italy (and a theft of their wallet); hiring as a group a bus to Milan, a further train took us to Venice and another to Treviso. Then final trains home to Linz and Croatia…

The Irish contingent stayed in Alicante til Wednesday indulging in a Mr. Universe/ ECM diving competition, DVDs, Scrabble games, and a day trip to the beach before catching the first flights out on Thursday.




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