Para chuparse los dedos!

22 04 2010

The locals consider this a unique gastronomical gem – and each Spring temporary Caracoles bars open up on corners and plazas all over town. And never one to miss a new cultural experience, my cousin and I hit the Bar in the Plaza for our very first taste of Snails. They serve fat ones and little ones in salsa and in broth – and you dig the meat out with a toothpick before you slip him down your throat. When we got there we asked for instructions to the delight of all the guys watching the Atletico/Liverpool game (who thought we were hilarious half time entertainment). Before we were done we were both well informed on the history and delicacies of snails, and loaded up with offers of personal tours to the ‘best’ parts of Cordoba.

The thing is – excited as everyone is about this broth, it really tastes like salty

seawater and looks like the Caracoles could have been boiled in their own pee. The salsa was better but the real challenge is the face, some were less clear than others, but each had it’s own tiny little face – some so perfect they could have been cartoons, with little mouths and tiny antenna. I guess you thinking it might have been more prudent to pay less attention but I figure if they’re going to die for the gastronomic arts – they ought to be appreciated!

The last one, Wilbur, was the finest specimen I have ever seen. His perfectly formed face smiling away til the end…



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