The Mac Magician…

23 04 2010

I had my Pute for all of three days when it died. Completely died. I went to turn it on and initially there was a start up chime, then nothing. No screen action. Dead as. I knew Dad had experienced problems with the battery so even thought it was plugged in, I lived in hope and left it till the evening.

I turned my new Mac on this Thursday, only to find that the screen didn’t start. I left it a few hours and tried again – while I got the start up chime, the screen was totally blank. And before you ask, it wasn’t dimmed, nor the battery flat. So I did the Mac support checklist – and nothing. What I did find was page after page of people telling endless stories about incredibly expensive unfixable things that have gone wrong with their computers – Doom tellers.

Friday I went into the Mac shop and she said that the technician would have to look at it either than night or the Monday. With dance class, I didn’t think I’d get there but we arrived to a cancelled class so I took advantage, bussed home and bussed back in with the computer – and Tiffany the wonder friend who comes along whenever I have a crisis 😛

The first thing the Mac chick said was that it looked more complicated than she’d originally thought and only the tech could sing in the computer and he was tied up drilling o soldering something (I know – way to make someone freak out) so I could come back on Monday or wait an hour or so for his €65/hour service. How do you say no to €65/hour if it means giving up on a new computer.

As we were window shopping and praying (amazing how often those to things go together) I realized that God had alredy actually provided that amount extra. Expecting nothing easy we came back an hour later to meet the tech (English speaking – q huge blessing because one of my biggest concerns buying the Pute was the level of tech support I’d be able to access here). And when he turned the Pute on it functioned perfectly!


Didn’t even pay the €65 for an inspection. He did mention that there are the problems the Doom tellers mentioned and if (a whole list of potential disasters) go wrong, to bring Pute back.

But I was so stoked that God made a time free before the weekend for me to go, the presence of a friend to keep me from freaking, the English speaking staff, the free cost and topped it all off with a functioning computer. Now I feel a lot more comfortable when (not if – I haven’t been cured of my pessimism) something does go wrong, I have the tech support there.



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