Kids Camp at the Buen Samaritano

25 06 2010

“The Good Samaritan” was legally established in 1993, to, to assist those affected by drug dependencies, and educate around prevention. The centre itself is n Pozoblanco and is run by a German couple with ECM. As people are involved with the centre, relationships develop with their families, providing great opportunities to speak into their lives. For more info you can check out One of the ways that occurs is through the camps.

The centre is on an olive farm and there are some great open spaces. The kids sleep in tents (although I pulled the lucky straw and spent the weekend in one of the rooms with Nomes. The theme of the camp was the Lord’s Prayer with our own version of the song. 25 kids came along from years old up to 12 and the 7 of us as leaders, with the current residents as the friendly hosts.

Initially I’d been quite reluctant to lead because of the level of language necessary to understand a bunch of little, high-pitched pueblo Spanish accents. When you’re in the middle of a wide game and holding down your teams base and the other team comes screaming across the field yelling at your team – it’s pretty hard to find the vocabulary to defuse the situation before it becomes a full-blown fight. Not to mention trying to tell a 7-year-old boy after he’s tried to say something five times to you that you have no confidence you’ll ever understand no matter how patient he is so it’s better that he just goes and talk to someone else 😛

The theme was the Lord’s prayer and with almost no preparation, no idea even of the words of the prayer in Spanish and 3 x1 hour blocks to fill without any prepared material, it was really sink or swim. God is really gracious and I managed to stumble my way through sharing a fair bit – and what the kids don’t get God will fill in later 🙂

Sunday morning all the parents and the local church came to share the meeting at the camp. So each small group prepared a station for the different parts of the Lord’s prayer. We scored ‘Give us today our daily bread’ so w decided to give each person some biscuits (in lieu of bread) and some of the word of God (since we don’t live by bread alone) and each person contributed to our poster of the things God provides for us. So I brought a whole bunch of scriptures from my word-a-day rip off calendar, and we got the kids to read through a whole bunch of verses and pick out the ones they liked to give to the people who came to the station. I didn’t look over the before we put them in the box and so we ended up giving away some random verses – but I caught this one before it got through… “En mi cama, por las noches, busqué al amor de mi vida. Lo busqué y no lo encontré.” From song of Songs 3:1

At the end – I’m convinced that there is nothing like pegging a ball at kids flying down a water slide or singing along to a guitar, ‘My God is so Big’, and just hanging out with Kids while getting the chance to share a bit of who God is…

Photos by Naomi Brown

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