26 06 2010

I’m seriously  Daddy’s girl. I was walking home from college the other day and realised that I was giggling outloud because I had wandered in my mid to the 18th of August and the arrivals lounge at Barajas, Madrid – where my Dad will arrive (carrying 7kilos of his belongings and a good 23 of mine).

My Dad is as fit as an ox – and he’s not afraid of letting me know that on occasion. He runs almost an hour daily, rides his bike and eats splendidly healthily. And if you get him started on the topic, he’ll give you the details and a quick tour through his book of stretches. So being hospitalised for chest pain was totally unexpected.

As it turned out – it is probably more to do with the fact that he likes to stress himself silly and work himself to the bone. I‘ll be a lot happy when we have some weeks in August to travel together and see some more of Spain – and mostly, to relax.

Living away from family is so much easier with the advantages of technology, Skype, email and even Facebook where I regularly find new photos of my gorgeous nephews. But there are always those things that remind me how far away I am, and how long it would take to be by their side if something happened.



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