Call centres (part 2)

3 07 2010

Along the theme of call centres:

My friend was telling me the other day that she works in a call centre and that when people ring they have the option of choosing what language they’d like, Castellano or Catalan, and one guy had been accidentally transferred to the wrong section and refused point blank to speak Castellano even to ask to be transferred. And as I listened I realised that Spanish people never get to chat to Indian call centres, they might get outsourced to south America, but I’m not sure whether a South american accent in a native Castellano speaker can really rate with the sometimes unintelligible English I have encountered on a service call. I tried to explain how funny it is but it’s hard to o an Indian accented English, in Spanish… And when you use the word Indian – people’s first assumption is native American, from either of the Americas. You don’t even get mileage doing the little head wobble because they don’t even have a stereotype in mind. I know that shouldn’t be a disappointing thing…



One response

13 07 2010

HA ha ha, that’s pretty funny. I love trying to picture you doing an indian accent of English in Spanish….. Could a spanish person even tell the difference? I certainly couldn’t tell the difference between most different Spanish accents…

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