Make it End!

12 07 2010

OK – I’m right there with the celebration and the excitement of the world cup – but seriously, we are moving into our 10th straight hour of the television of the celebrations and parade of the players, on every single channel. There is no other item on the television. I’ve been dying for a news break even to hear the horrors of the day just to have a break. And what do you think is the first item – possibly the only item on the news? The parade of ‘La Roja’. The main reporter has no voice, he can hardly speak and he’s still reporting. I’ve listened to the King’s speech twice, the President twice and watched the crowds gather, the buses pass and the goals of the cup replayed over and over until they are seared in my brain. Why, you may ask, am I still watching? No idea. But I can’t tear myself away…

I wonder what would happen it the San Andreas fault had separated California from the states Lex Luther style if we would even have heard about it…

Last night a few people told me I wasn’t really Spanish. But I have to say, low blow. From the beginning, I was heaps more engaged in the World Cup than most of my Spanish girlfriends. So I might not be getting my 100 euroes, but they are Spanish by something that happened to them. They weren’t queuing in the ‘to be born in Spain’ line. I’m not Spanish birth; I’m Spanish by choice – and in the Mundial, that counts millions!!!




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