We Won!!!

12 07 2010

Each game as we got closer and closer to the final, the celebrations got more and more manic. During each of the games, the streets were completely empty. Taxi drivers didn’t bother working because no-one went anywhere. But afterwards… for hours after each game, the streets were filled fans decked in flags, cars tooting their horns, people chanting to each other.

Then last night was the final. The whole country shut down. My friend on an emergency hotline received a call asking if was OK to phone in an emergency during the game.

We watched the final on the big screen in the basement o the church – we were going to watch it on the roof but at 8:30 it was still nearly 40degrees, so downstairs was a slightly more comfortable plan. After the game, like all the lunatics, we headed into the city centre to fin the plaza packed with people wearing red, painted with yellow, blowing horns, waving flags, chanting and partying on. The statue in the middle of the plaza had people hanging off every centimetre and papermáche octopuses floated across the crowd. Total madness. We hit the biggest traffic jam that I have seen since I arrived here in Spain on the way home at 2 in the morning. And everyone so jovial dancing between cars slapping hands with people they’ve never met… reminded me of the night they announced that Sydney won the chance to host the Games.



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