El Mundial wrap up

27 07 2010

The real religion of Spain – is futbol. Over the last month, we have lived and breathed every moment of the World Cup. I was just as sucked in as the next person – robed in red every game, earrings, decked out in headband, earrings, flag tattoos, a bangle and even painted my nails with the Spanish flag, but I’m tiring of it now…

If the Spanish religion is futbol – the World Cup celebration looked an awful lot like worship as the whole nation pulled of the Sabbath with La Roja enjoying the ultimate achievement.

The Israelites also new how to party… I’ve been reading through Leviticus this month and one of the striking things is the way the whole calendar is marked with celebrations. The year is carved up into parties – and the whole nation was to stop and celebrate. While each holiday is slightly different, every time, the Israelites paused in God’s presence to celebrate their God who made them His, redeeming them, who provides for them and acknowledging that He is Lord over their everything. And each time they partied, they were reminded that the God who they celebrated in feasts and festivals is Lord over every day of their lives, every moment.

Over the last few weeks Spain really came together – showing what rules, what motivates, what consumes – Pray for a day when Spain’s celebrations don’t mark the consuming passions of football, family, food or fun; but the Awesome God who provides it all.

Someone challenged me – you’re not even Spanish! Well, unlike some who are Spanish by some unintended pace of birth, I’m Spanish by election – and I reckon that warrants the red.

While you have all moved on, the news still has spots on different people visiting the cup, how the players are resting, what it means for this years league…

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