Praying on mass

26 08 2010

I have this good group of friends here – they are pretty mixed, from Spain and all over South America – and pretty mixed in terms of personalities, life experience and expression of their faith. I guess that happens when you are a foreigner because in part you end up with all the others that need a family… But off their on bat they’ve started meeting up each week to pray. Which is awesome! The way we go about that is for me each week a lesson in culture and in patience. Firstly, the bibles don’t come out – secondly, the sharing part can become a counselling session (which is good in a way but I’d rather pray then counsel over coffee so I don’t have to pray when my eyes are begging to sleep) and then the more charismatic expressions leave me between delighted, exasperated and just plain confused. With everyone praying their own words to themselves at the same time, I can’t hear the out loud prayer! But I’m loving being part of a group that are keen to encourage each other. I’d really like to be in a Bible study though, so I’m looking at hunting one down either in our church or at another for the rest of the year.




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