Call centres 3 – I spoke too soon!

30 08 2010

When troubles with the phone company are no longer solely problems with my level of communication, and just might be caused by their miscommunication – you know you’ve hit 9 months. I rarely find call-centres rewarding but to be able to stand my ground in Spanish while clarifying why after 4 weeks I still had no credit has boosted my confidence! Of course come 10 months I may realize that I had actually misunderstood from the beginning…

The thing with learning more, is you realise how much you have left to learn – and that’s where I’m at. I am confident enough now in Spanish that daily situations no longer leave me neither quaking nor exhausted. Being able to follow a conversation and participate has been a huge milestone but I now realise how much I think and communicate differently from those around me and how much I want to say. The frustration is knowing just how far I have to go – and that to some extent I have given up living in my heart language and that ease of communication, for the sake of reaching people here. The rich part of that is that I am so thankful that it was never a quick comeback, a well phrased argument, penetrating question or a beautiful illustration that would win people to Christ – it was and is always the Spirit – the same Spirit that has been working through God’s word to show Christ. My clay-ness is just a little more obvious from moment to moment as I struggle to match the gender of the articles and pronouns…




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