Leaving in Groups

2 09 2010

There’s something lovely about greeting every member f the group individually, and saying goodbye to everyone rather than an off hand wave as you exit the room. What in Australia might look like you are on the campaign trail, here is just being polite. But it does somewhat change the timing. It means that when it comes to group moves, you have to keep doing the goodbyes again every time someone leaves,and then some, because the old ‘besos’ have been superseded by continued conversation…

Add that to a latin propensity to run late and a general apathy about sleep and you can imagine – going home can be hard. Also, just being and chatting is in itself important, so what I can waiting at the bottom of the building to leave, for everyone else is still continuing the night – emphasis on the continuing…

Because we’re about people not about time – but for me, being about time is so that I can do a better job of being about people. And this is doing my head in!!!



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