Summer Team in Peñarroya

2 09 2010

The short term team in Peñarroya – was a blast. I arrived to meet the team at the pool. It’s always funny those first few hours when they are sussing you out and you are sussing them out… They were from the home church of the missionaries in the town and a few of them had been across two years ago while others had quite a good level of Spanish. They came prepared to run the language club – which was two hours a day in the local school – and then they picked up other bits and pieces along the way. The language club was great. Little learning in reality but lots of hanging out with the Spanish kids – having fun, and showing them Go’s love. Since it was pre-evangelistic, there was no formal bible stuff but some of the guys got to have good conversations with the older kids about why we did it. There was a mass of 3 and 4 year olds, so I ended up on Kindy crowd control – so much fun! Each day we did games, crafts and sang silly English songs like the farmer wants a wife and heads-shoulders-knees-and-toes. And all in over 35 degrees heat.

Then in the afternoons the guys prepared and put together teaching for outdoor programs. We took dramas, games and bible teaching to the streets. We started every night in one set place, doing a drama, bible teaching, learning a memory verse and plying games with any of the local kids who came along. A lot of those from the English club claim with stacks of their friends. After running the ‘kids outreach church’, we all piled into the vans and went looking for bunches of kids and families to do it again.

It was great to see the young guys from the youth group working out how to teach stuff simply, how to love people through the language barrier – and see them just generally excited about mission. Pus they helped me celebrate my birthday! Besides singing happy birthday every time I entered the room, and giving me a great present, I decided that I’d shout them all drinks so I made Lemon Lime & Bitters for everyone. It’s not at all a Spanish thing so it was a little slice of home for me too…

All in all it was a great week.

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