Author in the house!

11 09 2010

We have a real life author in the house! Jodie is a missionary from another organization studying Spanish in Granada. Chatting late last night she casually mentioned that she’d spent one of the last few years in a motor home, touring the States promoting her book. She’d been working on the fiction over the previous decade and had an offer to publish – and as you do…

Marina mentioned, what is apparently well known – José Martí a Cuban independence fighter and esteemed poet said: “Hay tres cosas que cada persona debería hacer durante su vida: plantar un árbol, tener un hijo y escribir un libro” “…there are three things every person should do in his or her life: plant a tree, have a son and write a book.”

I’m not sure that’s the best measure but it’s been buzzing around my head all week. In fact Marina added an extra on – paint a painting. I like that because I’ve managed to do that one – raises my points ☺ I have been very close to planting a tree but it was a really hot day and my friend had a pool…

I’d add an extra two if I was going to make a list – learn a second language and run a marathon. The juries still out on other necessaries. I spent yesterday putting together one of those photo books online for Father’s Day; not sure that it counts… I think maybe a book can be interchanged with a song… but I have no imminent plans to launch that career either. There are lots of things that would be interesting to do – form a political party, start an NGO, spend a night during the summer solstice in the Arctic circle watching the sun circle above the horizon, and for the rich and famous – start a fashion label…But I think it’s different to think of the essential things that push a life from something that is full of good things to that which makes a life fully ‘realizada’ (fulfilled).

I think I’d say that every person who wants a fulfilled life must offer costly forgiveness, teach someone something valuable and must experience grace. What would you add…?



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