Staying out late

16 09 2010

Cultural? Unwise? Sinful?

I’m dying. After 6 straight night trying to keep up with my friends – I’m sleep walking my way through to lunch. Each night I’ve had at least one if not two things on and they’ve begun anywhere from 7:30pm (afternoon tea) to 11pm at night. I’ve said no to stuff, but there’s all that fun out there to be had, all that Spanish to be spoken…

Mistake 1: I said to Marina the other day that the only time I don’t feel tired is after my siesta. That was the mistake. Her thoughts ranged:

  • The young people from our church don’t have that habit, they don’t stay out late
  • She qualified that she isn’t worried for me because she sure I’m grounded but lots of people lose their way from staying out late
  • How are we different from the world if we are doing the ‘staying out late’ that their doing

I walked away trying to figure out how on earth staying out late could be all but sinful, and dangerous. And I confess, I finished the conversation giggling.

But it did give me food for thought. I know I’m wise by being so tired the next day I can’t concentrate in class. So push class back to hours? Stick it out in order to acclimatise? Secondly, the point is to learn Spanish and live the Spanish – and how can I do that when I’m nicely tucked up in bed not speaking, listening or being with Spanish?

Is this an area where I need to exercise discipline, or an area where I can serve others although it costs me? Is this part of becoming accustomed to the culture?

Last night I went out armed with a plan. But anyone who’s read ‘Leaving in Groups’ will know that I was bound to fail from the beginning.

Mistake 2: So yesterday I went out armed with a plan. I spoke with the person I came with saying I was going home at 11 and I was happy to go on my own and would prefer he stayed and enjoyed the fun. He said he also had to go so we’d leave together. Which triggered the person next to him to be ‘ready to leave’. Out of courtesy, I mentioned in advance to the hostess that I’d be leaving early – at which point she mentioned another girls who lived near me who’d be ‘leaving early’ – by which time my leaving early team had expanded to over half the group. Second round of farewells at the bottom, someone racing back upstairs to collect a forgotten item and returning with the ‘not leaving early’ group prompting another round of ‘besos’ which required that someone wake up Chloe – now sleeping on the concrete in the plaza…



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