Eddie el Emu

18 10 2010

I have started a painting lesson here in Córdoba. Marina has been painting for years, (see Marina’s Art) and the school is really close by. Originally I thought Id go along because it got me out of the house. In the initial days I found just filling my days with useful things a challenge, so I decided to leave the house every afternoon to do at least one thing.

My teacher, Carmen, is the wife of a local minister and the school is her family and mission field. Many of the ladies have been coming for years. They share their lives and paint together chattering and laughing their way through portraits, landscapes, still life… and lots of Spanish ‘jarron’. They bring food along often and it isn’t unusual to be finding your way back to your easel to begin panting a good half hour into the lesson. It’s a lovely group and they’ve been really welcoming and encouraging in so many ways.

I’m learning to mix colours and have realized I actually can’t tell the difference between beige, khaki and grey. I’m learning to wield a brush and deal with permanent paint stains on my jeans.

Some days I’m not sure it was such a wise idea – starting a new hobby which drives me mental with infuriation when I’m in the middle of learning a whole new language and culture and as such have a pretty high standing level of frustration.


But then other days I see the apple turn 3D, movement appear in the waterfall or shadow emerge in my sunflower and it’s great.

Here is my last masterpiece,  Eddie the Emu.




One response

22 01 2011

is this the final emu?! nice!

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