One year on

20 10 2010

Today is 1 year! One year on, this is what I do*:

8:20 – Alarm goes off again, try to press snooze. Sometime later, wake up to the realization that it is no longer 8:20, in fact… 8:40. 10 minutes later and three biscuits in hand I run out the door to catch the bus

8:50 – Travelling down the main road on the 2 (one of two buses I can catch – deciding which is faster is a fine art of calculating variables including weather, planned an unplanned road works and distance from the last public holiday).

I still have a cough after being sick for the last two weeks with the rapid change in temperature, so I’m struggling with the woman next to me who still reeks of the last cigarette she burned through before climbing on the bus. I check over the things I was meant to learn since yesterday and relaxedly decide that failing today’s test wont even come close to the top 5 worst things that will happen this week.

9:17 – Running late I arrive at the language school to sit my fortnightly test. Before starting we spend 20 minutes chatting about the weekend, the latest episodes of our favourite television series – who’s hot and who’s not…

9:40 – I’m over my test even thought I have stacks of gaps and haven’t read over it yet. This isn’t my learning style! We finish the class with a list of exclamations that if I use correctly will apparently make me sound more Spanish that a perfect grammar or an authentic accent… (although my attempt at using ‘no estoy muy catolica’  last week just made people fall about laughing?)

11:05 – Catch up with my previous Spanish teacher for coffee. She need help writing an English letter so we’ll get together next week to see how we can fix it up a bit. Tomorrow, I’ll meet another friend for coffee, yesterday I raced home to try and catch my Mum on Skype… the hour of fun.

14:30 – Put on the washing, having been away the last two weekends and leaving on Thursday for the next one, midweek laundry is essential.

15:00 – Marina and I sit down to lunch in between phone calls, her from family, mine about tonight’s meeting.

16:00 – Make a cuppa before taking a quick siesta.

17:00 – Review the trivia questions we’ve put together for the fun night of this weekend’s ECM Spain conference – a giant game of snakes and ladder. Finish and send off prayer letter, this time without spelling mistakes 🙂

19:30 – First meeting with GBU for the semester. Collect the stray students from the bus stop on the way to Julissa’s house where we share tortilla, Tinto de Verano and  good laugh while planning what we are going to do over the next few months. The room is half Spanish speakers and half foreigners.

24:00 – waiting on Skype for my family to call so I can wish my 3 year old nephew Happy birthday before I go to bed.

*This is a compilation of three days this week, mainly because they all blur into one 🙂







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